Sep 172014

If I won the lottery, I would definitely become rich, help family out that needed it, go and buy a whole new wardrobe and tons of lingerie and sex toys and etc plus buy a home and save up :) My desires are loving sex outdoors, its such a rush, and i love it! I don't have a exact spot maybe the beach and many others but it turns me on :)

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Sep 172014

Send me an email with your fantasy and we can get it going! Love licking and humping! I love talking to you guys if only I can star in a reality show so that more people ca know about flirt 4 free and watch me touch myself because I get so horny. I would wear sexy lingerie o the show, along with flirty high heel! Lots of cleavage and romantic perfume!Use that money from the show to buy better props for my show. Better toyz and have better fun!

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Sep 162014

If I could get a honeymoon with an unlimited budget I would love to rent a cabin in the mountains during the fall. I would want a hot tub and pool table. I would wake up each morning and cook a huge breakfast and afterward go walking or horseback riding on the mountain trails. The luck man and I could have picnics by a mountain stream and lay back and relax until late afternoon. Then we can sir on the front porch and watch the sun set. The night would be spent drinking in the hot tub, star gazing, and hot sex outside. Also to keep it fun we could play a few games of pool winner gets to take an article of clothing off of the looser. If it wasn't too cold we could also go riding 4 wheelers. Enjoying the country life and see nature at its best. If we happened to come up on wild life watch it and wonder at the beauty of life. Each day waking up in the arms of the man I fell in love with and feeling the love back would make my heart melt. The money wouldn't mean much to me. I don't look at money when I look for a honeymoon. I look at spending time together and taking the opportunity to really get to know each other one on one. I don't need the wild life to have fun that is what my time is now.. . You never know what the future might hold. I might actually get a honeymoon like this.

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Sep 152014

So me & my significant other are new to this web cam stuff but I figured I'd tell you guys a little about ourselves! Him: Well I guess I'm a little biased because I'm with him but anyways he's down to earth and (sometimes) brutally honest. Haha. In bed he likes things to go slow even though I push for faster and harder! He has tattoos and his tongue & one of his nipples pierced. He is probably one of the best guys out there (personality wise and sexually)! Me: I have a few limits to my sexual endeavors but I love sex! At the very least I want it once a day! Oh and I love sucking dick however due to my past deep throating is a limit with well as anal. Unfortunately he's just to damn big to fit in that hole! Lol. I like to try anything at least once (that being said I have tried deep throating and anal)! If you have anything you are into just ask and MOST things I'd be willing to try! Anyways gotta go! Life has come calling again!

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Sep 152014

How was your summer?My was good, but the wheather here was always terrible, Rainy and cloudy. But when the sun shined we always went with my friends to the lake balaton or some beach and join the warm wheather.I had a lot of shows in the all country.I tired to make happy the guys :P Last weekend i was in a concert. I love concerts.Its a good feeling to dance and listen the music, and watch the band.I missed you guys.But i had to rest. I was in holiday so thats why i didnt here so longe time.I was in Croatia.Its a beautiful place. I was lucky because when i was there every day was nice and sunny and so warm. We enjoyed.We used jetsky wakeboard and a lot of swimsport.We was in a city and a lot of restaurant.There is so tasty the ice and the waiter play with the balss its so funny :) I love seafood and i tired some, but it was isnt good :( Nowday i started to work here again and i will here at Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 18-22.I hope we can play again and have a lot of fun :) Kiss guysDorothy

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