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Aug 202014

Had a great night! Met a lot of awesome people! Enjoyed my private chat with my master ;)I love being told to beg! Now that my microphone is working all I lack is the HD webcam. Can't wait until it arrives next week so I can show case those 'bedroom eyes'. Hope all my readers had a great night as well!

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Aug 202014

Hello guys, boys and gentlemen :)I want to let you know that I will be online on Wednesday, August 20th, that means I am giving you a special treatment. It includes giving me power boosting for free peek, also accepting most of the offers from 15cpm. :) I am sure, you are asking why it is the special day? :) Well, I am new here and not that "everyday" woman you can see usually on these kind of sites. I am more than kinky, I love teasing you but when it comes to sex I am a slave. I love obeying and make your dream come true. This means, role playing is really close to me, so being my master what is my most turning on. Also love watching you in your cam and hearing your moanings :)I hope you like these options and if you do, please come visit me today to make some intimate time together :) I prepared with handcuffs for fillup your fantasies, I have oil and cream to shine up my curvy body and I just got nipple clamps to put me under a little pain (it doesnt mean I do not like pain at all, it just for starting), you can pull my hair or even bondaging me :)God bless you guys and see you soon,Kisses and Hugs,Nitta

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Aug 192014

If I won the lottery! Oh wow, I am good at spending money! Well I would pay off all of my court fines, then I would find a new place to move, that would be my own that I love! I would definitely have my mommy with me, so that I new she was happy and content and didn't have to work anymore. I would go to the casino! hmm and tons of other things! idk too much to type.

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Aug 192014

Hello my lovelies, Awww am missing you all tonight :( I hope everyone has had a good day! I have been helping family today, it has been a busy day so apologies for me not showing myself this evening.I didn't have a very good night sleep last night so I am glad to be in bed now. Also had a complete nightmare tonight trying to establish my log in details for a company that has no means of communication, so that took up my whole evening, quite stressful that was I must say lol.May I add that my time so far with flirt 4 free is brilliant! I absolutely love it and it is you who join me in my room that I must thank as you have all made my time here worthwhile and I also look forward to coming online to engage with truly does makes my day. You have all made me feel so welcome :) You are all in my thoughts tonightand I can't wait until tomorrow!! Heeyyyy my new toy did not arrive this morning so I was a little disheartened but it can only mean that it will arrive tomorrow :) Let the fun begin is what I say ;)See you tomorrow my sweeties Take careLots of love Francesca-fox xxxxx

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Aug 192014

So if you were in my room around 12pm to 1am you would know there was a "small" interruption in our lovely open chat lol.Um well lets see where to begin. I was talking with you guys and one of my customers nicely and calmly told me there was a caterpillar looking thing on the wall next to my head, I slowly turned around and there was a huge freaking centipede looking thing. So im sure you can guess was "scream like the girl that I am" I am terrified of bugs for your information. So first thing I do is try to spray it with cleaner because bugs are "dirty". It freaking fell underneath my couch, so of course on cam im freaking out and pulling my couch out, there it freaking was all yucky like bugs are and im scared to even go near it to destroy it lol. of course. its super fast and I finally destroyed it with my nike shoe. trusty n!. All this on cam, so I would like to formally apologize for my screaming and cussing bc im sure it hurt some of your ears and to thankyou for staying up with me so late and keeping me calm after I destroyed the baby eating bug. I hope we have many more memories. particularly the good ones not with "bugs" I love you all so very very very much. love yours trulyxoxoxlittle miss "afraid of bugs" Summer

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