Jul 312014

I love playing with my pink vibrator, my absolute favorite toy. Also known as (Pinky V). Can you say multiple organs? Mmmmm I absolutely love her and how she makes my pussy feel. I slowly put the tip of it on my clit letting the vibration massage my pussy. Sliding it up and down rubbing against my cute little wet pussy. I love to put my pink v on my Nipples going in circles slowly around my nipples (gets me much more wet,) then slowly slide by vibrator into my pussy, then take it out nice and slow and put it in my ass.. Yummy daddy. I like to start at a low speed then as it goes into my ass I'll turn it all the way to the max so I feel the vibration all inside me trying to make myself squirt, imagining u watching me as I'm ramming my 8 inch vibrator into every whole just like daddy likes. I just love feeling it Deep inside me. Cumming all over, dripping down my ass hole wishing daddy could cum all inside my ass hole, then fuck me in every whole making me take it all like daddy wants mmmm. I love to get rough and do crazy things with my toys, especially if I'm being watched i get more horny and I let loose. I just love anything with vibration makes me have multiple orgasms. Cum see me I'll be daddy's little Cumming slut. Xoxo

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Ami Leigh: New Girl

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Jul 312014

I'm just chilling today working on some new pics, i'm new to all this but i'm excited to get started. I'm sure it will be lots of fun ;)Just choosing outfits now! I would love go be able to go on a super sexy shopping spree right now!OH WELL.. Maybe tomorrow x

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Jul 312014

Hi!So, today was my first day on this site and I had so much fun! I got to chat with some really interesting people and have fun conversations! I'm so excited to sign back in tomorrow and continue having fun. Unfortunately, since it was my first day, I didn't realize that my webcam wasn't the greatest, but lucky for all of you I am going out to buy a much much better one! then we can chat and have fun with better picture and audio. So, apart from talking to all you wonderful people today, I got a little bit of work done, I was supposed to do a lot more but I was having way too much fun online! Hopefully tomorrow I will have enough work done that I can just stay online all day and have some naughty fun with all the F4F members, if i don't im sure there are some naughty guys around the website who can convince me to stay online and play ;) Well, im off go to the gym and work on this booty then to buy a better web cam! I'll see you in HD with amazing sound very soon ;) Bye bye all!

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Jul 312014

Hey boys, as some of you may have seen, my tip target for a certain Ann Summers lacy dress has been removed. But don't fear my darlings, you won't be missing out.I've bought this item thanks to some of my best and favourite customers ;)Tonight I will be broadcasting around 11pm - 12am onwards so you may get a chance to see this sexy little number.To all my regulars I hope I see you there and I hope you get a chance to view me and enjoy me tonight.Look forward to chatting with you all and getting to know what turns you on while you get to know what a naughty girl I can be for you! Hehe For a sneak preview on me, I love to tease men and get them to say please for things they want to see. If you book a long show with me you may be-able to see inside a certain box of tricks I own or see me in certain items of clothing depending on what you like and what you want.I love to please and I want to please you. Please show me how and let me divulge your fantasies.Hehe x see you tonight!Much LoveZoeXx

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Jul 302014

Hello guys, boys, gentlemen :)Im new here, never done this before, so I just want to introduce myself :)Im Nitta, 26 years old. I never thought before one day will be here and showing off my fantasies for you :)About 7-8 years ago one of friend told me about this job, because she knows how much I love sex, talking about it and also doing it right :)I never knew what it takes, but now seeing her in this job made me wondering... She has flexible schedule all the time, and also she has a really nice, comfy place, a car, etc. So recently I talked to her about it and she told me to give a chance to do it. Mostly she knows I am special in a way, because I not only love sex, but I am really kinky. Love being submissive and also dominate. I was thinking, if I could found guys and men here who also love this kind of areas, but I never will know the answer until I start and you guys let me know. :) I am really open minded, friendly, and smiling a lot. So many people wouldnt think I can be kinky and have an evil side :) LOL :)So do not misunderstand my smily face, because beleive me, I can surprise you :)See you tomorrow, lets chat a lot and knowing each other better. Please, give me positive attitude, I will do the same :)Kisses and hugsNitta

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