Oct 162014

Heyy everyone(; It's Mac!!! I hope all is well. Tomorrow will be [OFFICIALLY] the beginning of my wonderful work week! I hope to have an awesome time chatting w/ those of you that I've missed so much! I'm super sure that won't be a problem, though! I'm the #lifeoftheparty! Hahaa. Anyways, a lot of crazy things have been going on in my life, but it seems that everything is back on track. Yay! Soooo, I'm finally back where I wanna be and that's on F4F!(; It feels effing amazing! I will be starting my FAN CLUB on the site, too, soon enough. Only a few credits away! I'm really excited to reach that point!!! I will also be doing special cosplay and naughty games for all my members! Pretty much anything that's really really special will be for my fan club members only!!! It only seems fair to me(; So much good stuff to be looking forward to these days. I know nothing but good things can come of it. Talk about excited, right?!?! Hell yeah!(: Make sure to check in with me tomorrow and spend some time in my room! Friday will be the day that I announce my cosplay dress up, for fan club shows and exclusive FC PHOTOS! I know you guys will love them, no doubt! Love youu guys mucho much! BIG KISSES XO Mac

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Oct 162014

qualities i look for in a man or woman in a romintac situation would be someone who is both caring and considerate while at the same time managing to be able to take control and put me in my place when im acting up or being naughty. they need to have a good sense of humor and know how to take a joke. they also need to be able to know when its time to be serious and practical. really what it comes down to is if i know someone really cares about me and makes a real effort to show that that they wanna be with me and we are able to maintain that needed physical attraction and good chemistry thats all you or i guess in this instance really need to have a good potentially long term relationship that we could both enjoy grow and benefit from. i like to think my current boyfriend has most of these qualities but as in all relationships its a constant work in progress and i know that im far from perfect and im greatful that we are both able to show up for each other and make efforts towords becoming the best we can be for one another in every level in our relationship and really i cant ask for too much more than that. thank you all for reading my blog and know i wish all of you out there for the best of luck in all of your relations at home with that special person and urge you to know theres nobody perfect and nobody expects you to be either just be sure you let the one you love know how you feel and also let your actions reflect your feelings and anything is possible

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Oct 162014

I'm so excited to be on VS! I enjoy having fun and flirty conversations with great men. ;) I'm glad I can now do it in my own place. I would love to talk to some amazing men, I can talk about just about anything ;p Let's have some sensual talk.

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Millie Rae: Trying.

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Oct 162014

i'm trying my best to be able to work online and work in the real world. the time difference really sucks, i understand this is an american site therefore most the customers that come here are american...and are 5 hours behind my time here in England! Things normally get naughty in the evening/night hours, but when its midnight on my side of the globe... in US its only 7pm! I'd say the peak hours i get the most viewers and customers in my time is from 2am onwards... its quite hard staying online that late trying to make money and then waking up at 7am for work! You know what also kinda sucks... the conversion rate. Credits earn me dollar, but of course my currency is GBP and the actual conversion from $ to £ sucks! I wish flirt changed that for performers that aren't US so what we earn per credit is actually how much we get paid. but i guess i can't complain, at least some money is better than none and i'm very grateful for it! i've also noticed, in such a short time being a performer, i've made a few fans and regulars! very proud of myself for that :) i have even had one guy propose marriage to me! haha! crazy :)i'm very much enjoying talking and getting to know new people, amd kinda building little online relationships with my viewers. i've always enjoyed online chat, i find it fascinating getting to know people that without the medium of internet i would have never have had the opportunity. :)

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Oct 162014

Sometimes, when it rains it pours. We have been trying to get online for ages and due to one issue or another have not been able to. We will be online tonight at 9pm (ish) Pacific time. We have updated our schedule and are going to start being more on top of scheduling. We are sure hoping that our fans forgive us for being gone and will come see us tonight.We are going to have to be on out A game tonight since we will need all the powerboosts and tips we can get, after almost a month off line. But we are so horny it will be a great show. We can't wait to come play, Molly's pussy is already dripping wet waiting for tonight. We wish we could just log on now and stay on all day.We have some tricks up our sleeves to share with our fans, hopefully they will make you as horny as they do us. The more we play around the more we are learning about one of Luke's fetishes, anal, and we're not just talking about when he gives it to Molly. He likes taking it a little himself, which turns Molly on so much, it's bound to turn you on too.Anyways, we better go for now so that we will be ready to go online tonight. Molly has a bunch of homework to get done, wish her luck.See you tonight.Kisses, Molly&Luke

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