Jaded Diamond: My Story.

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Nov 222014

Hello,My life is pretty simple, I am home most of the time. I train dogs and own 3 of my own. I am currently unemployed except for this so I appreciate anything customers are willing to give. I am submissive by nature and somewhat new to this so please be patient. If you have a request for something for me to do then please just ask and we will take it to a private chat. I will sometimes have my mic muted, this is due to my living situation...I will unmute if I can.Thank you all for watching and reading this. :)

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Laperle: My Hobbies

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Nov 222014

Hello my freinds, fans, adorers and strangers-guests:)Here is my new post about some hobbies. I bet all of us have some hobbies in any ways. What is your hobbie? Mine are poetry , webdesign and photografy. Love to make shoots at any time if i see anything strange or innteresting. Love to make photo on nature and love microshooting. From my young years I was dreaming about good photo camera. And for sure I prefer reflex camera not a digital one. :) Second hobbie is writting poetries. I was trying to post some of them here earlier, but they were accepted as spam:) So i m not sure if i'll be able to ad them to you. If only in my chatroom. :)And my last hobbie is webdesign:) I work on creating site and pages from time to time. Doing it for my own pleasure:) Oh my general hobbie is to be on cam sites! I bet you already know it:) Thats why I am here:) In next post maybe I have to tell you how it happened that I came in this business. But till then I say bye:) If you like to revew and to write me so don't hesistate please:) I am always up to talk about any Things!:)With love, La.

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Nov 222014

Hello from down under!So my first week here has been very interesting and additive. I'm enjoying getting to know everyone and learning about this little 'taboo' world. I like how you all make me feel like a million dollars and I love playing with myself as you watch me cum (and I love love watching you cum too!) ;) although because I enjoy it so much I wish I could get more time to play with yous one on one! I wish I had a better camera and all that tech stuff but hopefully I will be getting one early this week! Yay! A fancy one with a remote too! haha Feel free to help me out and add to the tip goal I've set up for it.I wish I had more lingerie and toys too :) like body stockings some more heels and more bras and those teddy things (they look so hot!) Hmm how about this? I'll make yous a deal! What if we do a swap? I'll send you my old panties etc. If you buy me more outfits and shoes n stuff? hehehe Message me on here or tweet me @RayeLily so we can sort out a deal or something ;)Anyway, I'm going to go and repaint my nails and girly stuff like that.. ;) Cya when I'm online next xxx

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Maya Pink: My Fans

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Nov 222014

I like to thank you ALL for the lovely comments and suggestions. We will get a chance to have wonderful private moments Im sure.I have encountered special moments with a few whom take the time to stop by and say hello, I appreciate that as well.CHEERS TO BECOMING CLOSER

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Nov 222014

In the next few weeks, I am wanting to try out all sorts of new fantasies! Feet fetishes, bondage, being dominated in private, getting tied up, lots of party chats with a whole lot of requests and tip floods!!! All of your tips, power boosts and privates get me so riled up and excited for the next night!! ;) It's been great getting to know some of you and discovering what you all love so that we can make for a great, mind blowing private down the road! You know who you are ;)So, all in all keep coming back for more and we can keep learning from each other and improving our relationship to make for the best time! Lots of hugs, kisses, rubbing, sucking and naked dancing and of course anything else you want. I am very open to anything and I am here to fulfill all your wildest fantasies. just let me know how I can help you.I am working hard on getting some audio, but as I have mentioned, I do have room mates and they do not know I am doing this.I hope you all have a great week and will be seeing you online this weekHailey_James xxoxoxox

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