Oct 292014

I guess I secretly had always wanted to get sweaty with my ex boyfriends brother after 5 years of having him around. In a perfect world I would take both of them, but I think If I fly him out to Cali just to tickle my insides...it would be the perfect revenge.

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Oct 292014

Diving in has been exciting and scary. More the former than the latter. My biggest impression so far has been frustration with technical difficulties--hoping to resolve those asap so I can get practice performing! Runtime errors keep interrupting my chats, freezing my video, and booting me offline :( Other than that this has been AWESOME so far--I never thought I'd do this, but I'm so glad I have. Can't wait to make new friends :)

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Oct 292014

Hey there! just wanna have some short message. I do love the pennis toy because it seems like natural man fucked me.I love to be model of this toy like a star.If I could go on a $10,000 shopping spree I will buy some sexy outfit for my broadcast,a toys also, a beauty needs for me, a new reliable computer and a high definition camera and more.If i would be a famouse, I would like to be beyonce, I loved the way she danced.I love to be specialized in bed scene. My dream travel destination is to be in United States of America.I love to travel and I want to use it as a experience and exploration to myself, Infact I want my honeymoon be conducted in this country.I love their foods, american foods were delicious.If I won the lottery, I will buy my own house, a Hummer5 car and i would like to help those people with disability.During holiday I want to spent it with my family in the beach and I want next weekend hopefully, I can have the chance to bring them to pleasure.

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Oct 292014

Well I go to get my weekly wine at this local gas station and the same young red headed boy cards me, if only he knew that I would do things to his head that no women would every be able to accomplish.. Im a freak an when people look at me they see a innocent shy gal, but once you break me out my shell and you could be in my mind you surely could tell that im bent over my sexually tensions and fantasies i shall live one day...

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Oct 272014

Hey everyone! I had a great first experience. Time flew by so quickly being in front of the camera for you. I can feel that I have a lot of potential and I'm so excited to perform for you all! For one thing, I'm very comfortable with myself but it's all of you who make me feel like a real superstar! You were an amazing audience. I hope I've kept you all captivated enough to have you return for more. I'm definitely going to fix my lag--I hope you understand that tonight was my first night in front of the camera and an adequate internet connection (which I know was anything but adequate--but please forgive me)! I'll get this fixed as soon as I can so that we can have more fun. If there's one thing I learned (aside from the fact that my internet needs to be upgraded), it's that I'm doing this for you--my (potential) fans! I'm a people pleaser. So next time you're in my room, don't be afraid to tell me what to do (within reason of course *wink*), and I'll do my best to oblige and have a playfully successful interaction with you. And of course, consistency is key! So if you're a consistent audience, I will naturally be a consistent performer.Good night and good morning to you all! I greatly appreciate your support.

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