Shania Banner: I Need It

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Sep 192014

In recent days, I have been so stressed. The best ways for me to take stress out? Give a good blowjob (and do I ever love doing that) and getting banged hard for a long time. The last time I got some good sex was over a week ago and let me tell you, that does not cut it for me! I'm the kind of girl that could take it for hours daily, and the only person I actually get it from is HOURS away. I really wish he were closer, it would make life so much easier :/.It's also been a rough start for me on this site. I literally just joined, but I'm sure most of you know that already. I have had a lot of fake tippers... won't happen again, but it did my first free chat. I am just a bbw trying to help some nice guys in return for them helping me take care of myself ;) why is that so hard (pun intended)? I want to get off while you Come on now guys, let's just play nice together.Well, until I write (or talk to some of you) again, keep it real and have a fabulous time.xo, Shania

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Sep 192014

I would love to switch things up,and try something totally new.Like ridding in a limo with my laptop and streaming from there so you guys could see me.taking my laptop computer in botique stores.As crazy as it may sound you guys will have the time of your life.I need a change of scenery sometimes.I would take my laptop or digital cam with me,and let you guys see me in the dressing room.Changing various outfits,crazy,punk rock n sexy! I Not to mention,getting a plane ticket and traveling for a week.Going to vegas letting you ch me win the jackpot!!!!!! lol,dancing with a coctail in my hand.end of this story.Nonetheless,tell me your honest thought on this crazy story.Well,I was watching a movie where a married couple were filthy rich.However the downside of the luxuary was that her husband was the biggest drug dealer in nyc!!!! So he thought.Also he had two upscale lavish night clubs he owned.He wanted to change his life and become a full time club owner .His wife only wanted him to be this same old time hustler dope pusher.So, as time went on he ended up running into his highschool sweetheart,they rekendled old flames.Before you knew it,he fell back in love with her.She encouraged him to do something different with his life,like persuing his club business.She ended up being the right fit for him,instead of his wife sadly.In turn,he divorced his wife and married his high school loving sweetheart,where she partnered with him and they were happy at once.

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Sep 182014

If you someone asked me where I thought I saw myself sexually ten years ago, I don't think this would have been it. Personally, I like who I have become sexually. I am comfortable with being sexual. I don't know how else to put it. Am I willing to try new things? Sure. Am I willing to try everything? Probably not. But the things that drive me crazy, can seem pretty taboo to some. One thing in particular is my fetish of having sex in public places. I don't know why, but the thought of getting caught is exhilarating. I remember the first time I did a sexual act in a public place. Sure, it was typical, but hey, it was the start of something beautiful. I was with my boyfriend and we were, of course, at a movie theater. I was playing with his cock like I always do, when I suddenly got the urge to take my imagination one step further. I placed my hands on the unlocking mechanisms to his pants, opened the flap, reached my hand in his boxers for the ultimate prize, and pulled out a throbbing hard eight inch penis. I placed my lips over his head and worked my tongue down his shaft. each new lift of my head was joined by an intense sucking and twirling of my cocklicker on his long, thick, pulsating pole. My hands and mouth massaged his balls, and I sucked him dry right then and there. This is just one of the many stories I have. I will be posting many more as the days go on.

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April Lovely: Sex

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Sep 172014

One place I have always wanted to have sex is in the back of a truck, with a view of the city lights, when it is raining! I like the idea of having sex in public! I also like the sound, smell and feel of rain. I think it would be a very spontaneous, romantic sex!

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Sep 172014

Hello everyone so I'm writing my first blog today and so far I'm enjoying the chat rooms and the people in it. For being a newbie.. lets just say I'm learning fast and catching on and honestly I'm liking every moment of it. I did my first private show today, i was a little shy and nervous at first to be honest because I've never done any thing like this before. But once i opened up and things got rolling things got a little crazy...but in a good way if you know what i mean. :) i can defiently see myself trying new things once i open up a little more. I would have to say I'm defiantly a sweet bubbly girl with an little attitude and very flirtatious. I'm very one on one and make sure to acknowledge your presents in the chat rooms, and i appreciate your gifts and tips. Ive been reviewing the site and all though still very new and a lil confused I'm learning new ways to keep you guys entertained and happy. If you have any suggestions or request, don't hesitate to message me. "nothing to crazy" tho remember I'm still new at this. So stay tuned for upcoming videos, blogs and more. Don't hesitate to leave good reviews boost , and tips. I plan on expanding my page so that i have a good fan base and a steady schedule. So don't forget to add me to your favs. SO EXCITED FOR WHATS IN STORE, SO STAY TUNE! MWAHHHHH!!!! :) :)

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