Dec 162014

Thank you for being my firsts! I had so much fun with you guys. A huge shout out to all of you that helped me out. Some of you guys really gave me a great work out so next time I'll be on is 9pm central time 12/17. In the meantime I have updated my schedule and my wishlist so you guys should definitely check that out. I love you guys and hope to see you guys soon.xoxo -NomiP.S. I think my ass is still red from all the spanking lol

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Dec 152014

I am new here and I love meeting new people. I absolutely love chatting with you. Finding out what you like and what you want to see when you are with me! I am usually on line after 8 p.m. Weekends involve later hours and much more play time.Come say hi and share your fantasy with ME!

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Dec 152014

Mikey and I wanted to make a post to our blog as we never have enough time to sit down and actually post one!To start we just want to thank all our fans, you all been great =) ' You guys & gals sure do like making us work hard and dirty in privates ;) We sure do love doing it though!We used to cam with another company but i was told F4F had a better environment and more user friendly. So we made the switch. After being here 1 month we know we made the better choice.One thing you will learn about us!, We love to please and give you what YOU want. We do work very hard at exceeding your expectations 100% We appreciate and love the tips. We do this as our job, so it definitely has its good and bad days of income.But for the tipper and the customers who take us private 'you know who you are' and we thank you! :)We love getting messages and we actually respond so send us all the messages you want & we will reply pretty quick.That's all for now we will see you all on cam soon!PS. Make sure you favorite us!- Miley & Mikey

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Rusty Mysty: Be a Woman

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Dec 152014

Hi there you guys! This is my 1st day in here, so welcome to my room. Hope that we have fun. Now, i want to talk about woman today. A strong woman is not necessarily a woman that looks perfect, ideal can not measure the bust and no bulging bottoms. A strong woman is a woman who trusts her, a woman who decided to accept the imperfections, is a woman who knows what she wants and when he wants. And she can be beautiful in a lot of ways. Perhaps you perfect body of the magazine, but you definitely something beautiful that you can highlight it.I strongly believe that it is more important what you say, how you think and how you express yourself ... there are so many women who try so hard to take care of the outside as completely forget what's inside.In all there must be a balance. Especially when it comes to that!You do not need expensive clothes and uploaded to look and feel good. You must be feminine, but in a decent way, as simple and as elegant! The most simple and trivial thing you wonder if you can stand the proper attitude! So ... Thou, being female, being a woman !! ♥ Kisses and hugs for you all.

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Dec 152014

I am not sure how often i'll be on during the holidays here, follow @ava77kay on twitter and I'll post when I'll be on, until then I will start a story smut on my blog and turn my flirt phone on when I am studying. With that feel free to call my there and talk to me on twitter. Also Please donate to my tip target so my girlfriend can join the show, You will love her and we need to live together to let her join so anything helps. Thank you~

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