Apr 162014

I know that things change . I have been through a lot of changes in the passed few months. Leaves me feeling so happy for the future. I went to the lake last weekend and had hot steamy sex out in the desert. I was so excited. The wind was in my hair and the sun shining all over my naked body. I do have to say it was one of the best times I have ever had. I was so exposed and being touched and pleasured while looking at a lake from a far was so amazing and wonderful. I could be as loud as i wanted to be and no one could hear me. I just am so grateful for times that I can spend on this place we call the ZOO. I am also looking forward to spending time with more of you on this site . I just wanted to say how fun my spring is so far and hope your spring is as exciting and wonderful as mine has been. This is going to be one of the most amazing years of my life. I can already feel it see it sense it. I know great things are in store for me . I also know that what ever I do it is all ok. Be myself , love life and enjoy every bit of what is given and every experience I have.

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Vivien Veilz: New Tattoo

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Apr 162014

So i'm thinking about getting my first tattoo. On my right side rib! What do you think! It is going to be hella colorful. Pinks, browns, golds, orange, yellow, white, Yup as i said very VERY colorful. With a Hungry Games theme to it. If you don't know what the Hungry Games are stop everything in your life watch the movies then audbie the books!So i'm thinking out a mockingbird perched on a cherry blossom branch and then a quote from the movie;"let the odds be ever in your favor" Then maybe i'll piece the eye of the bird like the dermal piercings in my back except wit a blue or red diamond! sounds hot! I cant wait i'm getting it done next month Been planning for two years so i'm 100 percent sure, how i want it, where i want it, and what i would like it to look like! I know this is a big tattoo but if i'm going to get a tattoo i want it to be art work. Not a rose of heart like every other girl has. it needs to mean something to me. The hungry games movie means a lot to me not just the movie itself but what it stands for. The American dream and hope. Two very strong modern subjects. I'm also aware i'm getting my tat in one of the most painful spots! OUCH! However, im willing to get it there if it means having the privacy to show it when i want to and hide it when i don't.IM SOOOOO EXTRA EXCITED!

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Apr 152014

Hello guys! I am new to this industry and becoming a Webcam Model makes me nervous. I am glad to be part of this company. The management gives the support that I need in getting started by sending me regular emails about the basic. Application process is kinda quick and as soon as the process is complete I can start broadcasting. I like how the instructions are clearly stated which allows people whose English is not the native language to understand the details of how to become successful in this field. Through this job I will not have to leave the comfort of my home and still get to have fun with new friends every now and then. I like dressing up in silly ways and sometimes not dress up at all which I can do here. ;) The fun thing about being a cam model I guess is being able to bring out the creative part of myself. I can pretend to be those I have dreamed of becoming when I was a little girl by wearing costumes. :) All about fun that's why I feel I am going to enjoy this a lot especially when I get to earn a lot more than I used to with the previous industries I was engaged to. I am looking forward to meet new people here, share same thoughts and hear new ones! XOXO Annika :*

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Apr 132014

while I was sleeping last night, I had a dream. I was Laying in my bed. you came in my room and stood over me. as I looked up to see you there, I asked what you were doing. you told me you were going to make me cum all over you. I said it is hard to make me cum, I don't think you can. you took your hand with a hard grip and grabed my neck. pulling me up to the bed you cuffed my hands to the bed. you told me if I was tied up I could not make you stop. when you pulled my hair then pulling off my panties I let out a sigh. you put your face between my legs were I could not fight you. it felt so good after feeling you lick me all around I felt this urge to cum. as I tell you I want to cum you STOP! saying not yet. you then thrust yourself deep inside me. I let out a moone it felt so good I could not help but want to grab you and push you deeper. thrusting in and out of me you grab my neck. as I feel the air leave my body I start to cum. its wet and its everywere. after I cum you push me to my knees and thrust your cock in my mouth. deep in my mouth. you tell me to look at you. as you pull out you cum all over my face. so wet and good I cant help but want to have you in me again. this is something I dreamed about. help me make this happen. if you can that is!

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Apr 122014

I am single, yet I eventually want to be in a loving happy relationship with an intelligent being. Humor and intelligence I think are my biggest turn ons in a man. There's nothing more attractive than a guy that can bring a smile to my face or teach me something new.As far a physical appearance, I love men who are exotic looking. I like men that look totally different from me. Difference is what I think most people find attractive in a partner anyways. Nobody wants to be with themselves, they want someone totally different. I am totally into the typical tall dark and handsome type, and I am also really into the really masculine looking men. Skinny boys just don't do the same thing to me as a meaty, hunky, chunky, or even average build man. I love a guy that is passionate, loving, and sensitive. I love sweethearts and guys that are thoughtful and kind. Guys who are giving, caring, and also independent are very attractive to me. There's something that draws me to confident men-- if you know you have it--even if you really don't-- if you know you have it or act like you do, that is a really big turn on for me. I don't care if you're a short man, because if you can still shine and have confidence and not let that affect you, it's so easy for me to not even see something like that as a flaw. It's all about how a man owns his "flaws" and imperfections-- not about what he has, but how he uses what he has.

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