Sep 292014

If I could have a super hero power, I would have to go with flight. Who has not tried to fly when they were younger?? I know I did. I also convinced my cousin to try flying. Even after he broke his arm with the first attempt. Just to make sure we were wrong. Which we were, But how cool would it have been if we were not wrong. I mean it is way cheaper than gas, and you would not have to pay for insurance or have to pay for a car for that matter. You would not have to worry about police either. I mean when the last time you saw a flying cop? never! not in comics. No speeding tickets, cause there no speed limit signs, no red lights or green lights for that matter. Travel time would not be an issues as there would be no other traffic ( if u flu low enough). You also would able to really impress some people too. Everyone would want you to take them for a flight. With all the money that you would save in gas you could you else where, like a vacation. I also think you would be able to have more vacations because you would not have to book a flight either. You want to get away from everyone just fly. No worries about a travel agent. If it was a cold day and u wanted to be warm you could make that happen. These are just some of the added benefits to flight besides how cool it would be to be the only person flying in the world.

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Sep 292014

Hello,Today is a beautiful day, here in cali. The sun is shining and I can breath the best smell of fresh air. I am a lucky girl living in such a beautiful place we gotta learn to appreciate some things in life like fresh air. without fresh air to breathe life is miserable. I have lived in places with some of the worse air. I thank lord everyday I never have to experience bad air again. Anyways, today Is a good. I am trying to always do well on here as a webcam model but it has been a little rough lately getting customers. I hope things will pick up soon. I really do enjoy the time I spend on here with my customers. there is always a good party going on once my party gets started. If you are interested in private shows, I am up for some fun boys, so please stop on by or send a quick email and we can try to set up good times to meet. please check out my videos, they are good at showing you what you are in store for. IF you like what you see in the videos please stop by for more then video.

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Sep 282014

hey guys, I'm new here so I am one of the fresh faces so I'm still trying to figure things out. I really trying to show my personality for you guys because I have a really great one. I really liked it so far. The more I get used to it the better my broadcasting will be. I love attention so do not be afraid to suggest things even if I don't bring the up. I've been juggling school and my job so I have a little bit of fun time to myself and of course I wanna share that with all of you so I can make both of our days go by a lot better. girls and boys. As you guys know I am bi sexual so that makes me a lot more fun. I'm also very fun and exciting because I'm a rather optimistic person. I never hesitate to try different things. you only live once right? I'm a very open minded person and you know what that means. I don't have very many sex toys so bare with me. I do have a very good imagination though. Don't be afraid to just talk to me and tell me how your days going.I can be a pretty good listener.

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Sep 282014

Hey Guys,I am hoping to go visit some friends in one of the big cities in the US. So that means from Tuesday to Thursday you might not see me online. I will try to stay online as much as possible but don't know how much "fun" I can be doing... Can't wait to see everyone when I get back though ;)

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Deondria Devine: Hey Hey!

 Ebony  Comments Off
Sep 272014

I'm so glad I decided to give this a try. I am having an absolute blast. My wonderful fans make me feel like the most beautiful woman ever. I can't wait to get some new toys and a few more sexy outfits for your viewing pleasure. Anytime i'm on feel free to stop by and say hi. Hugz and Kissez!

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