Aug 312014

My favorite sex toy would have to be my Harvey Wallbanger! It's a red, very nice sized dildo. It has a suction cup on the end! I can put it on a wall and bend over and take it. I can put it on the floor and get on my knees and ride it. I can also just hold it in my hand if I'm laying on my back and go to it. It has a bonus clit stimulator and that makes it doubly nice!!

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Aug 312014

I had the best time out with the Hubby yesterday. We spent some much needed time alone on the lake, with beer's in hand and sun on our faces. Today I'am taking the chance to re-coop and be lazy, BUT tomorrow I'm back in the game~ Ready to get nasty and pleasure my fans in the BEST way!

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Aug 312014

Its a rainy cold night in the mountains, just my guy friend and I in this log cabin, we have no power because the storm done hit the power lines leaving the entire area without power, the only light we have is by candles. We had the firewood burning in the fire place to keep us warm along with a bottle of wine and our own body heat. Guy kisses me and starts unbuttoning my shirt and unzips my pants taking them off of me leaving me in my bra and thong. he slowly unsnaps my bra and pulls it off and starts kissing my perky lil boobs and kisses his way down to my clit and starts eating and fingering me making me soaking wet. I take his shirt and pants off and boxers and stick the head of his dick in my mouth. i start swirling my tongue and tongue rings around the sides of his head going up and down on him deeper and deeper by each time sucking harder and harder getting faster and faster. Bouncing my head up and down giving him one hell of a blow job. He lays me down and gets ontop of me a slowly slides his cock into my tight pink cunt as deep as he can going in and out faster and harder and rougher he's biting my neck and pulling my hair and slapping my ass. he lays down and i climb ontop i immediately slam that dick in my tight pussy and start riding him rough and hard as fast as i can bouncing my ass as fast as i can i start riding him like I'm giving him a hell of a lap dance then i get up and he picks me up and starts bouncing me up and down on his hard thick cock. he props me against the wall just making the intensity of the sexiness of this red head way hotter. then we start 69'n for a lil while until he cums all over my face and i squirted in his. then we pulled our sleeping bag out and cuddled up and held eachother all through the night talking of old times while we are snuggling and kissing off and on until we fall asleep listening to the thunder roar.

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Aug 312014

Hi, hope you have been well and having lots of fun. I haven't been home much lately, I have been using all my cool things like my metal detector, bow and golf clubs. It's the first day of spring here in Australia so I will be gardening and getting all my vegetables planted, this year I'm planting the Giant Pumpkin which should be really awesome. Don't forget you can still call me on my phone when I'm not online. XXX Jennifer Scott. Hope to hear from you very soon. XXX

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Katlyn Green: Deepthroat

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Aug 302014

For a long time I did not like giving head but recently I just can't get enough of it. My boyfriend and I went to the drive ins last night - two movies back to back - and 75% of the time I was bent over the middle console sucking and gagging. It turns me on giving head now. I don't know what changed but every time I gag I get more wet. Dripping. I love it.

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